Looks like the NEIYA sailors are going to have some patience as they get into the final stage of the Bermuda Race- The breeze has settled down quite a bit and shifted 180 degrees, so the fleet is now sailing in less than ten knots of wind, pretty much beam reaching on starboard tack. Bad news is the closer they get to Bermuda, the lighter the breeze will get.

This is hard to take in the best circumstances but when pink sand beaches and Dark’N’Stormies are waiting at the finish line it’s even tougher!

Jonathan Green on JEROBOAM is bringing up the rear as NEIYA representation goes but they are first in the doublehanded class, 87th for line honors, and are 120 miles from the island. Currently going about 6.5 kts.

LADY B and the Lambs are chugging along at 6.5 kts with 96 miles to go. This puts them in 50th for line honors and 8th in class.

And Oliver Moore and the boys on AUGUST WEST are probably ready to start swimming for it as they are down to 3.7kts with 44 miles to go. Sitting 4th in class (not bad) and 16th for line honors (very impressive)!

Hang in there gang, hope you celebrated the Solstice! Hope the last few miles go quickly and safely.

Think Ice!

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