Classic (very) iceboating designs

John Mandryk, who has a house at Deep Creek Lake in MD, is going to try to build an old style Dutch ice yacht.  And the term “old style” really applies here as this will be similar to the oldest iceboats we know of, going back to the late 1500’s!

Take a look at the attachments and have a look at his emails on the subject-  if you think you can lend a hand or offer him some advice or an atta-boy give him a shout-
Here is an email of his:

Thanks for you interest in my quest for learning about the “Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht”

I tell my friends, that after two years of retirement, I have had only three “bad days”:  Two were on the golf course (so what else is new?) and one was watching my friends sail their DN’s on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, where I have a Lake House.  My problem is that at age 67, I have had one hip replaced and one that should be replaced.  And when I move,  it is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ. So sailing a DN or its equivalent is pretty much out of the question.

So I embarked on a search to find a Hard Water vessel that might accommodate my needs. I fell down a rabbit hole of endless myriads of Google Searches and finally discovered the “Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht”, or as they are called in the Netherlands: old Dutch ijsschuiten.

So here are my objectives.

1.  Find pictures, line drawings, etc. and categorize these examples into convenient “Types”.
Note:   I have displayed these on Pinterest for anyone interested to observe and to make comments, corrections, etc.
They can be searched by using the search words:
Type I    iJsschuiten
Type II   iJsschuiten
Type III  iJsschuiten
Type IV  iJsschuiten
Type V   iJsschuitne
Type VI  iJsschuiten

2.  I intend to learn about the historical, traditional  Dutch “soft water” craft and will hopefully make some connection between them and these ice yachts: For example what boats from history were influential on the design of the ice yachts. Can we make some general observations.  I have been coached on this by Bert Van Baar a Boat builder in the Netherlands, and Cees van der Rest of Vaartips Nederland, and Maartin de Groot of the Netherlands.

3.  I am enrolled in a the course “Elements of Design” at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin Maine this summer.  My objective is to make line drawings of the Types that I eventually settle upon. John Brooks of Brooks Boats Designs will be my instructor.

4.  I have some stitch and glue sailboat plan recommendations from Paul Fisher of Selway Fisher in the UK. and Bill Buchholz.  They could be modified to make and ice yacht.  If I can come up with a suitable solution, I could have the vessel completed by February 2018.

5.  Meanwhile I will convert my 8 ” sailing dingy to an old Dutch ijsschuiten for an experimental launch on February 2017. (Note: A club member in the Netherlands did a similar thing)

Note: To accomplish this I will need to:.
1.  Build the “A” frame, and Sails.  I have drawings from Maarten de Groot, Secretary of IJszeilvereniging De Robben, Netherlands that give me great guidance.

2.  I received skates from a 1930’s rear steerer from Bill Bucholz of Apache Ice Boats in Camden, Me.
3.  I was gifted a DN crossbrace to support 200 pounds from my neighbor and DN enthusiast Ray Gauthier of Annapolis,  MD and Deep Creek Lake Maryland.

So this is my evolving story.

Let me know what you think.

John Mandryk
Boalsburg, PA
Deep Creek Lake, Me.

PS.  I have copied everyone who has been mentioned in this email.  It is so amazing how generous people are with their time and talent.  This project is really a compilation of their efforts. I am just the coordinator.

Examples of Type I Traditional Ice Yacht

Possible Plan A for Type I Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht

Possisble Plan B for Type I Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht

Type II. Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht Examples

Possible Plan for Type II Traditional Ice Yacht.

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