The Bermuda Race is lumbering on, with the NEIYA reps apparently too busy to check in (or maybe there is no cell reception out in the middle of the ocean? Who knew???) but no doubt enjoying good conditions.

Looks like the breeze will be more or less on the port beam for the fleet for the next day or so, allowing the fleet to make good headway toward the pink sand beaches. Not sure how everyone is playing the Gulf Stream but a large part of the fleet is staying west of the rhumb line although there is less breeze down that way- must be a good eddy or something….

Looks like Oliver Moore and Co. are still topping the NEIYA leaderboard aboard AUGUST WEST: Going 7.8 kts at last check in, in line for 16th to finish and 5th in her division. 286 miles to go. So far I’ve been able to resist the temptation to go to his house while he is out of town and help myself to his nice DN gear….

Jonathan Green on JEROBOAM has the afterburner on and is going well- 7.4 kts, 65th for line honors, 9th in the doublehanded division, and 333 miles to the finish.

Looks like an early move west of the rhumb line has yet to pay dividends for LADY B- Maybe long term things may pan out for Steve and James Lamb but for now they are only making 5.9 kts, 71st for line honors, 9th in division, and 345 miles to go. Good news is she is the most comfortable out of all the boats and not a bad looking ride to boot!

The big marquee boat of the race, COMANCHE, is tied to the dock in Bermuda, having finished in 1 day, 14 hrs and twenty minutes. Many soft water sailors are befuddled about how she could go so fast as to generate her own apparent wind and get down the course so quickly…. Anyone who has sailed on the hard stuff knows this phenomenon pretty well….

Good luck gang- don’t forget to ease the mainsheet when you go downwind!

Think Ice….

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