Twelve Meters In Breeze

Bill Converse was down in Newport during the big breeze a few days back and had his camera ready as always-
He was lucky to catch two 12 Meter yachts cruising by- you know the breeze is up when they don’t bother with mainsails!

The light blue one is a Philip Rhodes design called WEATHERLY, which was passed over for the America’s Cup defense in 1958 while skippered by Arthur Knapp. However she bounced back in 1962 under “Bus” Mosbacher to win the defense trials and defend the Cup successfully against the Australian “GRETEL”

The red one is AMERICAN EAGLE- never made it into the America’s Cup but was owned by Ted Turner, who sailed it and raced it all over the world- inshore and offshore, SORC, transatlantic, won a ton of events with it in spite of the fact the 12 meters weren’t meant for offshore stuff….. He may have even taken her in the Sydney to Hobart race? He was one crazy dude back in the day….

Thanks for the photos Bill- get back to work!

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