Sad News….

On a sad note, Bob Baker from Sagamore Beach, MA passed away this week. Bob took to Ice Boating along with me when we saw them sailing on Great Herring Pond. We just had to get in on this great fun. The Ice Cats were going through trials and some DN’s were zipping around. Bob was such an artist and doer! Bob got out of the gate quickly, I had to save up to get a rig. Within a very short period of time, Bob and Mary got two old DN’s and a Pipe Boat/Sunfish from Lake Wequaquet, buffed ‘em up good, tricked out a trailer and came to the ice in great style. I got to know this extraordinary human being through Ice Boating and will take Bob’s spirit to the ice with me every time I sail. Bob and Mary, lifemates like no others I’ve ever met, logged plenty of days in their DN’s. Mary I hear was a Long Island Sound racer as a youngster, Bob was one of the original Surfers on the piers in Southern California and everywhere else in the world. He shaped many cutting edge small boards for surfers on the left coast. Bob was an inspiration and a great friend. I am going to miss zipping around on the ice with him.

Tom Clarke
Falmouth, MA

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