12 Meter World Champs….

The year was 1986- The America’s Cup had left Newport, Rhode Island in September of ’83. Suddenly the whole world wanted to compete in Fremantle, Western Australia to try to win it from the Aussies.

The Twelve Meter World Champs were held on Gage Roads off of Fremantle in 1986- I think it may have been the biggest gathering of Twelves all on one course ever. Must have been a blast.

Anyway check out the attached photo- I’m guessing it was leg two of a race, the fleet reaching on starboard tack toward the gybe mark which is obscured by the spectators lining the railing in the foreground. Looks like good breeze, can only imagine a few of these fairly green teams had some carnage during the gybes…..

Must have been a blast! What does this have to do with iceboating? Must be a few iceboaters in the photo- The Canadians had a boat or two and I think HEART OF AMERICA was in there somewhere, skippered by one Buddy Melges, a Wisconsin resident known to have dabbled in ice yachts a bit….

Speaking of the America’s Cup, don’t forget the lead up races are coming to NYC and Dave Clapp will be driving a spectator boat- scroll down this page for info on how to get aboard and see the action!

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