LRIBYC Spring Meeting Report

The Spring Meeting out on Long Island was a great event- Great food was served, drinks were served, and even a few blazers and jackets were worn!

This classy group assembled at the Harbor Crab Company in Patchogue and commandeered the top floor (or were exiled to it, depending on who you asked) and had a great time shooting the breeze, talking trash, and generally having a great time.

Scott Valentine talked a bit about the stuff he is building (he is on a mad tear in the shop) and his road trip out to Wisconsin for the North American Champs with Pete Treusdell. The accompanying video he shot is very well done and is up on the NEIYA and 4LIYC sites. Nice going Scott! Doug Hardy talked about his impromptu trip to NH last winter, and T Thieler talked too much about road trips and masts.

And of course there were some trophies to hand out to the worthy:

Chris Miller- Dave Weeks trophy for highest club member placement in the DN North Americans (He may have been top rookie out there as well- again, depends on who you ask- pat him on the back anyway, he did well)

Scott Valentine- Rich Crucet Award for person who most exemplifies Rich’s ideals and spirit (remind him to fix his port sidestay tang, it’s clearly mounted backwards in his video)

Rich Bautista- Rookie of the year award (great to have some new blood!)

And last but not least Doug Hardy received an award for being intrepid enough to blast up to Winni on a solo mission to get on the ice with the gang! (His recounting of the whole story had the whole place cracking up!)

Goes without saying that Rich Crucet was also fondly remembered. We miss you, man!

Thanks to all who organized the shindig- great time had by all- See everyone at the fall meeting! T

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