Jeff Holding CourtThe spring NEIYA meeting was a big success-  at least thirty, maybe forty people (some youngsters, some grizzled vets, cruisers, racers, a Maine resident or two, and at least one dog) showed up at Composite Solutions Inc. in Hingham, MA to wrap up the season and hang out a bit before soft water season kicks in full-force.

Plenty of food on hand (thanks to Mike Hart of Hart Brothers Caterting and Dina’s Pizza!) out in the office and plenty of interesting projects to check out in the shop!

Safe to say a good time had by all!  Great to socialize and swap stories and we had a bonus presentation by Jeff Kent (with a little help from his latest co-conspirator Chad Atkins) on the evolution of the composite DN mast.  Jeff began to get serious about DN sailing just as composite rigs were making their first appearance and he has been at the leading edge of that technology since.  He talked about the various rules, requirements, building techniques and materials, successes and failures over the years-  absolutely fascinating stuff, and then we even got to hear about what his latest thinking is about what might be the next big development.  I’d elaborate but we were all sworn to secrecy….

Great way to wrap up the season.  Already looking forward to the fall meeting!  Many thanks to Jeff for letting us have the run of the place and for the presentation-  Thanks to all who showed up as well-  really exciting to see such a jump in attendance over last year.  Well done gang!

Stay tuned and THINK ICE!


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