Iceboating Report from PEI

Six DNs travelled from Nova Scotia to PEI this weekend to join PEI-based NIYC members on Covehead Bay, near Stanhope. Some were cruisers but there were enough racers for us to decide to sail for the Nova Ice Yacht Club’s Nova Scotia trophy – OK , we were in PEI, but have you seen any ice in NS recently? There was about 2 km of available ice with plenty of room to set a course about 0.6 mile in length.

Temperatures were below freezing all weekend. On Saturday we sailed on 7 or 8 inches of hard salt-water ice covered with about 3 inches of soft snow. The wind started at about 8 knots and built to 10 to 12 as the day progressed. Plate runners and FO1s were the order of the day. As the day wore on the snow began to drift and the ride got bumpier as the boats knocked to tops off the drifts. It was fast, powered-up sailing, and Bob Crinion had the measure of us with six bullets.

Saturday night we retired to Doug Gaudet’s for dinner where Helen treated us well; indeed, at lunch on Saturday she brought hot chili to the launch site!

Sunday morning dawned clear and windy, and as feared Saturday’s drifts had hardened into boat-breakers. There were lots of clear patches, but the prospect of tearing a plank off on a hardened drift or having an out-of-boat experience brought common sense to the fore. We loaded up and headed home. Despite sailing only one day we had a grand time, with special thanks to hosts Doug an Helen Gaudet. Photos by Doug and Helen too.

If that is the end of the season, it ended well! Great Western Challenge next?

Races Total
1 Bob Crinion 1 1 1 1 1 1 5
2 Warren Nethercote 3 2 3 2 RET 2 12
3 Danny Mosher 4 4 4 4 2 3 17
4 Art Samson 2 3 2 3 DNS DNS 18
5 Wayne Matheson 5 5 5 7 3 5 23
6 Mike Webber DNS DNS 6 5 4 4 27
7 Howard Garland 6 6 7 6 5 DNS 30


2016 Nova Scotia Championships
March 19, 2016. Covehead Bay, PEI

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