KEWASA Season Finale

Joe Meade checks in with this report on his season finale up in Kingston a little while ago- Of course he just has to drop a hint about some new top secret gear he’s messing with…. thanks Joe, now none of us will sleep all summer….

In any case have a read and enjoy what he has to say- words to live by!

The fat lady is singing!

Guy and I took a side trip up to visit our friends in East Canuckistan (Kingston, ON) this weekend for a final spin and to test out some new top secret equipment. If you want to know…well…you had to be there… Hopefully more can be enticed to join on some of these shorter trips.

I really wanted to make it to the New England’s, but ultimately leaving on Friday was not in the cards for me. I understand they had a successful regatta on Saturday in New Hampshire. Awesome.

Kingston is a reasonable drive for a great venue. I left at 6:30 am and had my boat set up a little after 10:30. You can’t beat pulling up to the Kingston Yacht Club and setting up your boat 5 feet from your car. Of course they have a gorgeous yacht club with five beers on tap and a full kitchen. You can sail right in and take about 10 steps to the door. Don’t forget about the exchange rate well into our favor. They practically were paying us to drink their beer and stay in their hotels! It would be reasonable to do the trip in one day if hotels aren’t your thing.

They have a good size fleet. I think there were at least 20 boats on the ice yesterday, probably more. Most of them cruising on the St. Lawrence as far as you can see until they disappear. I didn’t go that far but I know they all returned back safely.

Guy & I had a good time beating around the marks with the boys (and girls) and seeing what a difference changing runners make. Just as I dirty every dish in the kitchen when I cook, I dirtied every runner I had. Changing runners made an amazing difference on the snow ice as conditions and wind changed throughout the day. Speaking of wind – Saturday we got a lot of light air practice in and on Sunday the winds piped up for most of the afternoon. I could hardly hold my arms up driving home.

Oh yeah, and the fastest boats in Canada – they use hockey sticks for their steering tillers – and they are fast!

Special thanks to Peter VanRossem and John Curtis for their clubs hospitality and having marks to set up a race course. I know John also gave rides to a few new iceboaters in the midst of everything.

It was a good closure to my season, I know everyone has different constraints, whether you only sail locally or only on a certain lake, or weekend commitments. I think collectively, even though the season was short we had a lot of good ice this year and opportunity locally – relatively speaking!

The moral to my story and the reason I wrote this is – our local season can be short. It is the only way to extend the season and sailing opportunities. Gas is cheap and life is short. Going to these venues, and regional races, is no different than our gathering at the Waneta Inn or in front of Keuka College. Everyone is very friendly. Get out, travel, meet people, and sail fast.

I am already looking forward to next year.

Joe Meade

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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