Sailing in PEI – Doug gaudet’s report

Looks like the Way-Up-North Gang had a good bit of sailing up at PEI- check out Doug Gaudet’s report here:

How much fun can one have in 18 hours?

“Mainlanders”, arrived Friday eve at 12:30 am, we traded pleasantries…… till 2:30am, got up at 7:30am, to Helen’s kitchen breakfast. (Not quite up to Claudette’s style, but we try!)

Then to the ice – 5 boats , then 6, and Danny Mosher at 1pm made 8 boats on Stanhope Bay, in PEI.

We managed about 7 scrub races, between a lot of “fuggery” (that means we tuned between races). A bit of carnage starting after lunch. Danny lost a shroud pin, fixed, then Bob pulled a shroud shackle off next race -fixed and finally in the last race Mike W was warping into the leeward mark, and in the words of Bob “You should have let a little sheet off Mike!” He tore his plank off in a hike and hard plant but as I said “too bad” he, smiling from ear to ear, pulled a GPS out of his pocket and said “But I was going 47.4 knots that’s the most power I`ve ever had.

We returned to Helen`s Kitchen for more “pleasantries“: bruschetta, a pork roast dinner, and a 600, yes 600 picture dinner theater while we sat at the TV big screen. My daughter, her boy friend Jeff and Helen skated on the ice and took pic`s all day.

Hopefully there are 3 or 4 attached. I`m off to Fredericton NB today but will get more pic`s out after I come back tonight. maybe!

Thanks to Mike, his son Mitchell who was sick and didn`t sail, Bob C, Art S and the islanders who showed – John Rankin, Danny Mosher , Wayne Matheson and Shannon Murray.

Doug G

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