Ice Boat Antecedent?

Peter Burrow sends in this picture of what may be an iceboat predecessor… Wonder if they went upwind at all? Bet they raced them….

Early DN prototypes in China, c. 1600:


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  1. Colin Duncan (KC 5457)

    Looks like a downwind only land ‘yacht’ to me. I am thinking the stick with teeth nearest us but resting on the ground in the pic’ was held up by the steerer (locked in by the teeth somehow) and basically used to keep the vehicle upright and off its twin parking stands. I am puzzled why you would not want a two-stick apparatus with a crossbar, because the torque on the one stick in a gusty shift (not unknown thing inland!) must have been nasty. The whole thing reminds me of Olaf Harken’s self-deprecating account of trying to plough his garden using a car, a pickaxe and some rope. See pages 118-9 in the book he was selling at the Harken plant during our recent visit there.

    03/09/2016 at 7:44 am