Newfound lake updates

Ice hazzards:
The lake has not been thoroughly scouted but there are a few know issues. Between Mayhew island and the eastern Shore is open water. Hug the Western Shore when leaving the launch harbor. There is also a working seam on the west side of Mayhew. I marked an open spot with a branch but if you stick the Western Shore you are fine.

There are some small pressure ridges on the large part of the lake but they are avoidable and crossable with care.

Launching site:
86-130 Shore Dr

There is also a secondary public launch with more park a little further up the western Shore on West Shore road

Manor Estates Dr


We are staying at the Pilgrim Inn and cottages in Plymouth NH.
(603) 536-1319

There is also an econolodge accross the street.
(603) 536-2330

Plymouth is a 25 minute drive from the lake. There are some pricier b and b options on the lake for those so inclined.

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