Weekend Update

There are lots of options for sailing this weekend. Melvin bay was sailed today. There are significant holes so be careful. Leavitt’s beach was also sailed and sounds very good but again there are some open spots so use caution. Squam is sailable but bumpy.

I will leave the Maine report to team Chickie. I am sure they will be posting something soon:

Inner Mallets bay was also sailed today and the ice is good. There is access from the public ramp. Outer Mallets maybe an option but we need to scout it tomorrow.

Regatta update:

Leavitt’s beach right now looks like our best option. The problem is it is on the smaller side for racing. We are going to scout Mallet’s Bay tomorrow and could call the event on there instead. The other factor is the wind forecast. The breeze for Saturday and Sunday looks better the closer you are to the coast, with a high parked above Burlington. So while Mallet’s might have a bigger plate of ice we may be better off in Leavitt’s because it will have wind that Burlington doesn’t. It’s a tough call. If we do decide to call it for Leavitt’s and 30 boats show up we can always split into two fleets to keep the small course racing safe.

So we will scout Mallets tomorrow and let the forecast get a little more accurate. I will make the final venue call tomorrow afternoon. Plan on racing but stay tuned for a the final location call. Sorry for being a last minute Larry but I want to give us the best chance tohave good racing.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta Phone Operator
US 5469

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