NEIYA Headed East

All packed up and headed east, somewhere in Ohio, maybe near Toledo. Who cares, will get there when we get there.

Drive good so far, haven’t done anything silly like put diesel in a car that takes gas for fuel. In fact I took that little stunt a step further and didn’t put anything at all in the tank which left us on the side of the road for about 20 minutes waiting for AAA.

As if I hadn’t had my chops busted enough yet this trip Oliver started immediately, which is funny since he was marooned right along with me.

AAA was there in minutes and a half hour later we had breakfast w/ Atkins and his father. It was great to see his father.

Enjoying the drive through the heartland, batting the breeze about all the highs and lows of the week. Many more of the former-

We noted that Chris Miller may not have been picked as top rookie but we think he deserves a mention, 35th overall in Gold Fleet, best finish an 18th place- Very impressive.

Make next year the year!

Stay tuned for weekend options….

Think Ice! T

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