Ice Boating is Everywhere…

People often ask me, with a disbelieving look, where can one ice boat. The short answer is, anywhere there is suitable ice.

In that “anywhere” category is this story and video by The Inquirer and Mirror of Nantucket. A publication that has been in continuous existence since 1821. Yes, Nantucket home to sea fairing legends and reality. The fabled whaling port and home of the whaling ship Essex. If you have not read In the Heart of the Sea, put it on your list.

Thanks to local Tim Reinemo for sending article and video.

The Inquirer and Mirror

(Feb. 17, 2016) As temperatures dropped into the single digits and below earlier this week, some Nantucketers broke out their ice boats and took to Nantucket’s ponds on Sunday. Monday was equally cold, but there was no wind. Inquirer and Mirror photographer shot this short video of the cold-weather action.


Think Ice — Look North to Maine and the CIBC for safe sailable ice.

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