New England’s launch site update

The Mallets Bay boat club is private property and we have been granted access to launch out of there for the Sunday event.

No one else has been granted access. If you are launching there you need to move to the public access down the street.

We are not allowed to use public access launches for regattas because of permitting issues. Our use of the boat club is critical to being able to run events on Lake Champlain and if we cause any damage to the lawn or property we will not be allowed back. So please do not use the boat club until Sunday for the event.

Individuals are perfectly welcome at the public launching ramp.

The ice still looks good but we won’t be able to check it today given the excessive breeze. But we are still planning on getting an event in.

If there are any questions please call me at 508-728-8095.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Chair

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