Smoke On The Water

I’m feeling a bit like a Goldilocks.

"This day has too much wind."

"This day is too cold."

"This day doesn’t have enough wind."

Well at least the ice was really cool to look at. We tried to get the Beanpot in but the breeze used it self up over the weekend and took Monday off. So no real racing to be had.

The plate inside of Rattlesnake island was about as perfect as it gets with no ridges from shore to shore and some really cool marbling to boot. The marbling was interspersed with patches of perfectly clear black ice which looked terrifyingly like open water by comparison. Fully disconcerting.

There was a good solid 5 to 6 inches of ice so hopefully it will survive this latest pounding from the rain gods. Lets see what happens on the other side.

Oliver Moore

One response

  1. Rob

    I stopped by Ames Farm today and it still looks nice. Appears to have survived the snow/rain. I didn’t venture out onto the ice but thinking about setting up there for the weekend.

    02/17/2016 at 5:47 pm