Lining Up To Windward — The NEIYA Circles the Globe



Hey Folks-

A quick glance at the NEIYA home page reveals that we have 900 people following the site online — Kind of a cool milestone for a sleepy little club in New England…

Welcome from near to far. We have followers from every non-temperate State and many that only see ice in their rocks glasses as well as most Canadian Provinces. Across the pond Europe is well represented. Believe it or not we have a few followers from various African nations and warmer parts of Asia. On the Pacific side we have Kiwis and Aussie. No surprise being two nations chock full of “Sailing Fools”.

Not bad!  Good to know that we have so many interested souls out there — Well done gang!

Notably absent from the honorable 900 — Greenland and Alberta Canada. Can we get a few followers from there and anywhere?

Looking forward to hitting the 1000 mark-  encourage your friends to sign up — it’s really easy and only takes a second.  The more the merrier! Just enter your email address in the right column.

And of course signing up to be a full member is quick and easy too — not to mention cheaper than dirt.  So hit the site and click the buttons and join the gang —

And as always,  THINK ICE!


P.S. The season is not done yet. See you on the ice…

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