Mushamush Tales

Not sure if it’s from reading Jack London or Robert Service but the name Mushamush conjures up something distinctly Canadian. In this case it’s not the Yukon but The Maritimes and specifically Nova Scotia.

Below is Warren Nethercote’s chronicles from this past Sunday on Mushamush.

Things are firming up all over the place so stay tuned for some action.


Nine DNs turned out on Mushamush today – or really 8 1/2, since I didn’t arrive until late because of an airport run.  Howard, Tyler, Derek, Clyde, Bob, Dave, Mike, Art and I had a good time.

The ice was hard in the morning but the surface softened as noon approached.  When I arrived around noon the boys were coming in to enjoy Claudette’s excellent chowder as I rigged and sailed with 1/4 inch 100 degree inserts and an FO1.  I was good!   The foundation ice was still black, but with patches of white ice here and there and a uniform quarter inch slush topcoat.  I didn’t think my hundred degree inserts were necessary, but Art reported that his 3/16 inserts were digging deep.

After lunch the sun came out in force with reinforced wind and we all had fast, exciting rides until it was time to head home.  The rides were a bit wet too, from slushy spray from bow runners.

On the wistful side, the ice on Mushamush is getting thinner, and without a good cold spell is not long for this world.  We need to be thankful that Sherbrooke has thicker ice.  The right conditions should see us there before season’s end.  It was my tenth day sailing this season – not great compared to the previous two years, but not bad, considering El Nino.

Not all of the photos are of my boat: at one point Dave Collins got his camera out and rumor has it that there are some good action shots of boats loaded up and goin’ fast!


DN KC3786

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