Update: 2016 DN Eastern Region Championships

The 2016 Eastern Region Championships could very well be held this weekend Feb. 13-14. This is a preliminary heads up to be ready to roll, With a final call to be made by Thursday Feb. 11 at 5pm, Most likely venue will be Inner Mallets Bay, Colchester, VT where the plate has been sailed by ranked sailors and reported to have about a 3/4 Mile course size available.

There was 1/2″ of light snow dropped last night and could see some more tonight and into tomorrow- The real issue we face at this point is going to be temperature. Please take this time to be very well prepared for arctic, single digit temps if you plan on attending (No skin showing!)  I am also seeking a few hearty souls to help with scoring and RC for this event, Please email me if you can help or are interested in helping or have any questions regarding this event. There is also the possibility of some scratch racing on Friday depending on a launch site and weather.
**Here are two Amendments to the original NOR posted below**

A1- Sail # does not need to match fuselage # or skippers registered IDNIYRA # but does need to be unique to each skippers sail (no duplicates on course)
-Skipper still needs to be a current member of IDNIYRA in good standing

A2- Only this forum and theneiya.org website will be used for notice and updates of this event


Chad Atkins  – ERC
401 787 4567

P.S. Editors note, RC and scorers get the best seat in the house as well as being on hand to rec sail what looks to be a great plate of ice.

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