All Roads Lead to Moosehead

Ladies and gents:

What can I say but it is looking like the only know sailable ice is on Moosehead, Rockwood Maine launching from the Birches.

As you have read before its a great venue that is very ice boat friendly.

for further information check our our friends at the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club They have the latest info on this gem.

Who would have thought, Moosehead with nearly any snow?

Warren Nethercote reported on some Canadian prospects Lake Colonel By in Kingston Ontario Contact is John Curtis, available in IDNIYA yearbook.  We are hoping to sail Mushamush again tomorrow in Nova Scotia. With a name like Mushamush I it needs to be on everyone’s must sail ice list.

Sorry there isn’t anything more central but it has been a challenge for sure.

Keep Thinking Ice we will get out again soon.


P.S. If I missed something please jump in on here.
P.P.S. Next week has got to be the week for us. I have been actively petitioning to move Valentines Day to October along side Halloween. Not sure its law yet.

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  1. Colin Duncan (KC 5457)

    Hi, Today eleven DNs on Lake Colonel By a half mile north of Kingston city limits. John Curtis and I scouted it yesterday aft when it looked like glass mostly and found 4 inches on average (never less than 3 inches) with a few bumps. Last night a snow dusting took place so very good thing we had already scouted in sunlight and with no snow. We had five or six scrub races today. Gusty and fast. John and Peter van Rossem tended to lead…We race again tomorrow. Next week supposed to be cold!

    02/06/2016 at 5:31 pm