Getting on the Road for Home


Blazing Ecstasy!


Hey Folks:

The weary and soggy but upbeat American squad hoofed it back to Germany last night.

Sailing and packing the trailer in the rain means that everything we have is soaked and covered with beach sand. So today is given to hanging sails, drying clothes, washing sand off everything…. All the glamour stuff.

You can see in the photos the hanging sails, piles of gear, and various tasks being completed.

What the pics don’t convey is the stereo blasting Bruce Springsteen and the aroma of fermenting laundry and speed suits….

You probably can see that our host, Mr Torsten Siems, has a shop we can all be envious of! Many thanks to him for letting us have the run of the place.

Anyway as all ice boaters know you have to do the agony of the shop to enjoy the ecstasy of blazing across the ice…. See the photos!

Hope all well in NE and hope everyone is gearing up for the NA champs!

Think Ice…. T

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