I’m not dead yet!

We still have a shot at getting the New England’s in this weekend. There is ice out there but the recent weather instability had made it really challenging to find a safe plate. Squam lake was sailed today and could but an option but there is a good chance lake sunapee might be better. There is a scouting team headed there tomorrow. Anothr possibility is Leavitts beach on the north end of Winnipisaukee. There is also ice up on the inland sea north of Burlington but it hasn’t been sailed and they might see some snow Friday.

My best guess right now we will be sailing in central New Hampshire somewhere. If I have a definite spot tomorrow afternoon I will call the New England Champs on but if we are still in limbo we will call off the regatta attempt and switch to trying to find a place for some scratch racing.

My gut says we will have some good sailing this weekend. So keep you schedule open and stay tuned.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Person

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