Don “Doc” Fellows Wrap up

A big thank you to everyone who made the trek up to Moosehead Lake, that was a really fun weekend. If ever you have the chance to sail out of the Birches Resort you should jump at it. Really cool cabins with restaurant and bar right on the race course. I was trying to put a list of people to thank for helping make the weekend happen but it would have included everyone there, because it really was a great group effort making it truly special. The one person who I need to mention was Loretta Rehe. Truly making things happen behind the scene she did all the scoring from her home in Detroit. I sent her photos of all the handwritten scores and she emailed back compiled results while I sat in the hot tub. Pretty freakin awesome. But the weekend wouldn’t have happened with out the scouts, Lee and Roger. The whole CIBC crowd was hugely supportive. It was really special to see so many new faces and old friends getting into the racing scene.

Hopefully we can keep the momentum going. There isn’t much snow in the forecast and it looks like Winni is on the verge. Next weekend is looking promising. We will try to host the New England Champs if we have the ice.

Keep those runners sharp and keep the reports coming.


Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Guy

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