DN Worlds Update

Hello from Sweden!

The US group is here in Sweden in a town that I can’t name but sounds like “no shopping”…. Too tired to look it up right now-

The drive up from Germany was uneventful except for one incident at a gas station. One van may or may not have been fueled up with regular gas when it needed diesel. There may have been some serious siphoning going on to fix the problem. There may be a few buckets of diesel/gas mix available cheap at the launch site. The guy who pumped the gas into the diesel tank may or may not be from Plymouth, MA….

Anyway the issue was fixed and they only lost about three hours and a ton of respect. No worries- The van is nine the worse for wear-

Opening ceremonies tonight, racing starts tomorrow-

Excited to know the Doc Fellows is happening right now on sweet ice at Moosehead- Have a blast gang! Psyched to hear how it goes!

Think Ice, T

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