Moosehead Update

Team Chickawaukie is on the scene making things happen. They have arranged to have the public boat launch plowed, have staked out a lake front cabin that serves 3 hot meals a day and should be rigging up right now. We will make the final official call on regattas this weekend pending a positive report from them.

If you want to get in on the action Chad reports that these are the housing options:

Rockwood Birches- Right near launch 207 534 7305

– $128.99 double bed (3 left I think) $325 4 bedroom cabin (8 beds)

Moose Mountain Inn (Greenville)
$99 Night double- 3-4 left I think
207 695 3321

The Chickawaukie guys have a cabin at the Birches and it sounds delightful.

As this is our first time of the season and there are a bunch of new people in the wings let me explain a couple of things about how this process works. When I call a regatta on I am making my best attempt to pick a time and place to give us our best chances of having a good, safe and fun event given the information I have. It is the responsibility of each sailor to do their own assessment of the situation. Each sailor needs to decide if they are comfortable with the safety, ice reports and the forecast.

For example, the forecast for the weekend is calling for light and variable breeze. Given that we are desperate to get a regatta in and this is the only ice available it is my belief that we should show up and take our chances with the wind. There is a chance we might spend the weekend standing on the ice in a dead calm but you can’t race if you aren’t there. You as a sailor might feel that isn’t a chance warranting the long drive and commitment. I can understand but that is your decision to make.

Most importantly this applies to safety. Every time you step on the ice you need to educate yourself as to the hazards and safety of the situation. This is by its very nature a dangerous sport and each sailor is responsible for his or her own safety. So be careful and double check everything.

Enough of the downer talk. I for one am really excited about the weekend. I am really pumped to get back on the ice

Get those bags packed.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Dude

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