Doc Fellows is ON!

Get on your horse.
It is time to ride.

I just got off the phone with an ecstatic Bill Bucholtz. And I quote:

"If you don’t make it up here for this one, you might as well move to Florida."

So I am calling the Don "Doc" Fellows on for Saturday January 23, 2016. Skippers Meeting in the pits at 10 and first race to follow shortly there after.

The primary launching site will be the public boat ramp in Rockwood, ME. There will be a sign on your right as you enter Rockwood.

boat ramp in Google Maps

If we are able to get the Doc Fellows in on Saturday we will attempt to get the New England Champs in on Sunday.

If you plan on racing please bring proof of $300,000 of personal liability insurance. It can be a copy, scan or photo of the policy. I just need to see your name on a current policy with the right coverage. Please don’t forget.

Bill says there is miles of perfect super hard black ice. So get those runners super sharp and lets do some boating.

See you there.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Hombre

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