From Europe Crew

Hello All- Looks like the New England contingent has made it to Germany- all the gear seems to have arrived in good shape as well-

See the photos- The first is the giant pile of gear at Logan- this caused eye rolling and consternation among the staff (probably because Steve Madden looks pretty shady) but Eric can be incredibly diplomatic when necessary and he convinced them to load it all on the plane and even got a pretty good rate in the process! As always it was a strange feeling leaving it all on the floor to be carried off by total strangers into the behind the scenes chaos of Logan International…. Ugh.

Next photo is the 747. Which I happen to think is just an amazingly cool airplane. I also like the SR-71 Blackbird but it’s hard to get a ride in one of those….

Next photo look closely at the base of the right wing (talking about the plane, not politics). Note two hulls and two bundles of masts about to be sent into the cargo hold. We saw the guys drop one hull (Steve’s!) and one bundle of masts. It was hard to watch. As far as we know nothing was damaged….

Last photo is gear and people in Frankfurt. Not much worse for wear!

Anyway enough of the gear-schlep stories. Have to go assemble boats and figure out where we will be sailing….

Our hosts Jorg and Torsten have already gone above and beyond- Thanks to them!

Hope there is sailing on the agenda back in NE- Rip it up gang!

Think Ice! T

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