Caution Moosehead Crossing

It is looking like Vacationland might be hiding some primo ice way up north. Webcams and flyby reports of Moosehead Lake have the Chickawaukie gang as giddy as school girls. Check out the picture below from yeaterday. They are planning on making the trek up there Thursday to check it out. As this is the only game in town this is probably our best chance of getting a regatta in this weekend.

If we get a good report on Thursday we will call the Doc Fellows on for Moosehead lake on Saturday. Chad and I will most likely head up Thursday night to try to get some sailing in Friday.

If we get the Doc Fellows in the books Saturday we will try to get the New Englands in on Sunday.

No definite calls yet but consider yourselves warned. Get those runners tuned up. Tell the wife and kids you aren’t available next weekend. Get ready because it could happen and if it does you don’t want to miss it.

Hang on boys, its coming.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Dude


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