Ch-ch-ch-Changes: New Englands Postponed

Turn and face the strange.

On Monday we had lofty hopes for the weekend, but that has all changed now. The weather that went through on Tuesday and Wednesday blanketed what ice there was in Maine with snow so Maine is out. The Vermont team was going to start looking for ice tomorrow but aren’t very optimistic. The only hope in New Hampshire is Lake Waukewan in Meredith, but that got 3" of snow and then a day of MEGA breeze so who knows how bad the drifts will be. Locals are going to check it out today but that leaves me in the position of not having a piece of ice to call a regatta on for.

So no racing this weekend. There may well be sailable ice somewhere but I don’t know where. If you find it please let me know.

Be safe.

Time may change ice
But I can’t trace time

Oliver Moore
USA 5469
NEIYA Regatta Dude

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