Hey Folks- Hopes were high to do either the Canadian Champs or the New England Champs this weekend- Bad news is it looks like Canada is out due to the recent big wind and snow that rolled through the region.

From Canadian head honcho Warren Nethercoate….
“Colonel By lake received 3 to 5 inches of wind-blown snow last night and there is a wet area in the centre of the plate (the racing area). Probability of successfully racing on this plate this weekend is poor, so we are postponing to a future date. There is about 5 inches of ice, so future prospects for the lake are good.

Both Trenton and Montreal lost their ice sheets over the last few days, so we need to wait for the next freeze for bigger ice.”

Sounds like most of New England was hit pretty hard too so hopes not too high for NE champs at the moment but you never know! Stay tuned to this site and the IDNIYRA bulletin board for details.

Don’t despair gang, this season may be taking awhile to get started but recall that we were still sailing in April last year….

Think Ice! T

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