Cautious Patience as Ice Thickens

Sorry to report there are no NEIYA sponsored events for the weekend. While ice has been building we are in the early stages of the season and the killer it’s going to be above freezing with some kind of precipitation, the perfect new ice KILLER.

As you all know, if you have been reading the emails, people are sailing today in a number of places. Don’t venture out alone tomorrow base on yesterdays news. Conditions are guaranteed to have changed. Please never sail alone and seen out the best locale information you can find..

Commodore T wanted to chime in on this topic and his comments are below also several experienced hands requested that Greg Cornelius pass on some wisdom.

Words from T for the weekend

Hey Folks-   Looks like some cold temps are finally here and there is ice to be had- Just want to remind everyone again that this is still early going-   Early ice is often densely populated and a lot of us are pretty rusty from the long summer layoff-

So as always, keep your eyes open and proceed with caution!   And have some fun-  the party has to start sometime!!

Think Ice!!!   T

Words of wisdom from from the wise old ones and channeled by Greg


New Ice needs to be treated with extra caution !!!

As It relates to new ice, three things to remember:

1. Do not be FIRST Alone– Yes someone has to be first to sail the new area, but do not do it alone. Sail the new ice with a buddy (remember never sail alone) scouting together. At least insure there is another boat ready to go, rapid transit to come help you if need be, and someone is watching you out there.

2. Do not be FAST– Being fast comes later, sail new areas in slow scouting mode, up in the boat scanning the ice horizon. Watch the tell tales later, slow cross sail expanding the area scouted.

3. Do not go FAR– Do not sail off into the distance, to the other side of the lake. Long commute to come help you if you are the first to find the holes. See # 2 again. High Risk if you rush off alone, in fast mode, off into the distance, being the first to sail the new area.

The three together spell trouble.


That’s all for now. Hope anybody that cold take Friday off did sail and we will see how thing look next week. Keep the information flowing. Communication is key in our sport. Remember all you have to do is reply to an ice report

Sail Fast & Sail Safe,


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