Hey Folks- Temps are finally dropping and there was even some snow on the ground in RI this morning- So things are looking up for sailing in general but only slightly….

The Doc Fellows regatta is scheduled for this weekend but the likelihood that we will have sailable ice is slim say the least… So stand by, you never know! Watch this site for details…. Will make a formal announcement ASAP-

In the meantime I’d like to remind everyone to be VERY wary of early and late season ice…. Temptation is always there but use your head and your gut- If it looks marginal, stay on terra firma, work on your boat, have a good meal or something….

I’ve heard a few rumors of some of swimming going on out west- all ok and all self-rescued but not great PR and avoidable to begin with…. Don’t forget that a trip through the ice can be an interesting event to be laughed off. Or you can lose a boat. Or break bones. Or LOSE a LIFE. And put any potential rescuers in danger.

So keep all of that in mind as we suffer through this mild winter!

Cheers! T

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230

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