Winter (Ice boating) Solstice Is Upon Us

In just a couple hours the sun will rise on Stonehenge and the markings align signifying the Winter Solstice.  With the onset of the shortest day we are encouraged that ice will be coming and our winter playgrounds are once again open.

The gentlemen (?) above in black, as previously reported, was seen near Shelburne on Lake Champlain this past March. He appeared out of no where in between races and mysteriously disappeared like he came. Our best guess is he was performing some sort of pagan or druid ice ritual and likely in cahoots with the robed ones at Stonehenge, this very moment.

If 2015 is any indicator the robed figure on Champlain brings the ice with him. Let’s keep an eye out for him and good ice and be ready to move quickly when word gets out.

As you know we will be using the same email forwarding service (Wiggio) to report ice conditions as last year. Below is a summary of how it works. But, it only works if you use it.

Quick and dirty instructions: Just reply to the weekly ice report email with your own observations. Yes, just reply and your contributions will go to the whole group. The best racing and cruising venues will be put up on our website as close as possible to a given weekend event so one will miss out.

Below are the gory details to help you follow along at home. Please contact me if you have paid your dues and not received the first email that went out last week.

What is Wiggo?

Wiggio is an information collaboration tool. We will be using just the email forwarding tool for the season. We may test and use other features better informed and coordinated, depending on what’s needed.


1) If you have not already accepted the group confirmation from last year you will receive an email requesting that you do.

2) Once confirmed you can login and set the level of participation that is right for you. Receive every email related to to a thread, one daily summary or none at all. You can elect to receive info via text but given the length of most of our messages I would discourage against this.

3) If you do nothing, you will still receive the emails but will not have control over delivery and show up as unconfirmed should you respond to a thread.

4) Should you wish to be removed from the list, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Just click, you’re in control.

5) To view online just go to but you will need to have accepted your group invitation and login.

How it works:

1) Each week or as conditions warrant an email will go out to the group either with known and or developing conditions or requesting information from any and all spotters.

2) To respond to ALL just reply to the email. Yup that’s it. All you do is reply and your not will be added to the thread online as well as being passed onto the whole group.

3) To respond to just the Sender of the original or subsequent messages go the bottom of the email and click where it says “Reply to only the sender” You can now reply in private to just the individual.

4) Reply only to the most recent or relevant thread

5) If you forward emails from multiple accounts you may only be able to reply from the original receiving email address. Give me a shout if in doubt.

6) Please provide details when responding
a. When did you check?
b. Where is the ice name nearest town and access
c. Ice thickness and composition i.e. 4 inches black ice with 3 inches of snow ice on top
d. Size of the plate.
e. How did you survey the ice. Walk, skate, bike sail. Drive by or fly overs are good starting points but we will need a man on the ground to follow up.
f. Best way to get in touch with you to confirm information.

7) Once suitable venue(s) for racing and or cruising are determined official announcements will be made on

Please let me know if you have any question, suggestions or comments.

May the ice be with you,

DN 5023

P.S. Ron Bouchard in VT is looking for a good source for sail numbers. Can anyone help him out? Reply to the forum so all can benefit.

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