THINK ICE! The Book….

Hey Folks-

With all the new interest lately I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that “THINK ICE!” by Warner St. Clair and Lloyd Roberts is required reading for any iceboater- Rookie or veteran, no matter what kind of boat, this book is a must-have. Makes a great Christmas gift as well-

“THINK ICE!” is hands down THE definitive book on DN tuning, racing and sailing. But anyone contemplating getting into the sport with any kind of iceboat, or even better, having already bought or built a boat and now needs to know how to sail it, will find all they need to know in this one slim volume. Safety, clothing, how to load the car, you name it, it’s covered!

Updated with instructive commentary by many top-flight iceboat sailors.

A wealth of information for less than twenty bucks! If you are lucky you may even get it signed by the author….

Price seventeen dollars, free shipping. Contact
Jim Gagnon,Treasurer,  PO Box 463,  W. Boothbay, ME 04575


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