Western Challenge Wrap Up

Hey Folks- Good times and great sailing at the Western Challenge!

The event was held on Lake Christina near Fergus Falls, MN. Fifty miles from the mythical Fargo, ND in a region occasionally called “East Dakota”…..

63 boats from at least five countries and who knows how many states showed up and got a head start on the season-

The Eastern contingent included skippers from RI, CT, NS, ON, NY, NJ, MD, NC and probably at least one more I can’t think of right now. Lots of new faces, always a good thing!

Friday featured good breeze and light snow cover and the eastern sailors doing pretty well- was worth the drive for this day alone! Saturday (when we started keeping score) was a little lighter and sticky-er and the Western guys put on a clinic led by John Dennis who took three bullets in a row. I’d like to say he did well as he is light weight but the bottom line is the guy is an excellent sailor. Maybe there was some good karma payback coming his way as he found the ice and organized the event- Thanks John and well done.

Sunday dawned with surreal fog and frost on everything but no breeze…. So we all packed up and headed east in a bizarre display of group common sense. A mere 24 hours later and we were home.

We used the new Darling Mark In-Line course (see descriptions, animations and explanations in earlier posts) to great success- The Darling marks really clean up traffic patterns and the in-line finish was a hit with our scorer. Make sure to check these out as we will be using them this season!

Speaking of scorers, big thanks go out to Deb Whitehorse (on-ice) and Loretta Rehe (secret bunker off-site) for making sense of all the numbers- We all owe ya!

So how did we do? After a good day Friday Chad and I had to eat a little humble pie as we were schooled by the western gang- Eben took a good second in the Silver Fleet and for further results check http://iceboating.net/

I can say we all pegged the fun-meter. Great to see the gang and get out sailing, plain and simple. the rookies all had a ball and there were some good battles in both fleets. The MD guys in particular were psyched to have made the trip- put this one on your calendar for next year- veteran or rookie, fancy boat or old clunker, you will have a blast!

We did our best to get the sailors from outside NE interested in attending our Eastern Champs this season- will see if any of them take the bait! We certainly hope so-

Think Ice! Cold weather is on the way…. T

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