Out West…

Great season kick off yesterday on Lake Christina!

Over fifty boats sailed in good breeze and good ice w a bit of soft snow- masts bent, high speeds, good competition, everything we look forward to!

Sailors from across the country and Europe made the trip here and reaped the benefits yesterday-

Did you know we are only about fifty miles from the one and only Fargo, North Dakota? We are literally and figuratively “out there”

No action photos from the ice (big bummer, was a great day for it) but back at the hotel Mike Derusha from WI was pushing his trusty smoked chub and pickled eggs- Great hallway snack! Good Italian dinner in town- See photo- fun group: seated at that table were people from RI, CT, OH, WI, Sweden, Germany, and Holland. Good time!

Put this on the calendar for next year gang- It’s a blast every time!


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