…That’s right, I said the Maryland fleet! There is DN activity down south in Deep Creek, MD. Where the heck is this? About due west of Baltimore and south-southeast of Pittsburgh, that’s where. In other words high in the hills and far enough from the Chesapeake Bay to be safe from marauding sea nettles and man-eating blue crabs.

These folks have been steadily building their fleet from zero (or close to it) just a few years ago to seventeen DN’s and counting! VERY impressive and we are pestering Ray Gauthier to tell us all how they did it. We may see a few of these guys at the meeting and a few are setting their sights on the Western Challenge in Minnesota in about a month. Keep an eye out for them! Check out the photos of this crew below-

We also have a report from Maryland’s Eastern Shore (Gawd’s Country- no shortage of nettles and blue crabs there) that one Ramblin’ Roger may be headed this way for the meeting this Sunday- Watch out for him too!

On the subject of the meeting we should have a good crowd; at least one van-load of sailors will be heading in from LI, who knows how many Maine-iacs will be there, and a good bet some PA and NY sailors will be in so we will have all points of the compass covered. Be there or be square….

Not too late to sign up and pay online here:

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See y’all in a few days!


James “T” Thieler

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