Time and Miles Melt Under Loaded Runners



Found the Bill of Sale for my original DN in a box over the weekend. Wow, this will be my twenty-first year with my own ice boat. Nothing compared to Leo Healy and some of our long term ice veterans, but still something to reflect on. I am looking forward to sailing with you all for the next 20 years.

Each season was different. Both conditions as well as the amount of time I was able to commit or steal from other less exciting time drainers.  One constant in all the ever changing ice conditions is our annual meeting and swap meet. Time to stand around in the open air kick some runners and chat with friends an easier task without helmets and goggles. you last saw with helmets, goggles, gloves and gaiters. There will be people from all corners of New England and the North East. Green and White mountainers, plenty of flat landers as well as coastal and off shore island dwellers.

Come out for an event that is not weather dependent, baring a hurricane or Nor Easter. Many of you have already paid your dues and lunch online. Thank you! We need to hear from the rest of you. Thanks to all the rest who book below. Of course you can pay at the door but please RSVP me john@neiya.org or Bob our treasurer at treasurer@neiya.org. Booking ahead or letting us know really does help smooth out the process. For lunch and dues just click here other options below.

While you have your Card out, consider getting some club fleece. Links are on the right.

See you on Saturday,

John Stanton
DN 5023
NEIYA Vice Commodore

P.S. Lunch is only $10 this year and is subsidized by the NEIYA and there will be plenty Swedish Meatballs but only if we can plan ahead.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to put up items you have for sale http://neiya.org/classifieds/ and and bring them along to the swap.

Description Price
Membership and Lunch
Membership for one & Lunch x2
If you must pay at the door, please email your intent to come via email john@neiya.com or treasurer@neiya.org

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