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Below is a summary of some of the key events to come in the 2016 season.

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The Great Western Challenge
December 3-6 2015
The GWC is an amazing event.  I’ve been the last two years and it has always delivered.  Its a great way to jump start the sailing season.  There will be a New England contingent making the trek west so talk to Commodore T and reserve your spot in the train.


Tune Up Clinic at Steve Lamb’s Shop
Early December TBD 2015 
There information sessions on general iceboat tuning, safety and a racing 101 primer.  Time allowing we should also be able to sharpen a few runners. Be sure to show up to get some tuning tips for the upcoming season.  The date is tentative at the moment and will be confirmed at the swap meet.


Early Season Cruising Rally 
Late December
Stay tuned for the dates but Bill Buchholz plans on getting us gathered and partying on the ice as soon as conditions allow. Don’t count VT out Ron Bouchard and the rest of the Green Mountain folks will be eyeing the small ponds in VT waiting for the first safe opportunity to sail. Somewhere in NH the there is a small pond that will freeze soon and ready do sail.


The Don “Doc” Fellows Regatta
January 2&3 2016
We will be kicking off the 2016 New England race season with the Doc Fellows.  So make sure to pack the car before celebrating the New Year because you aren’t going to want to miss this one.  In addition to DNs we will also be hosting a separate Wizz start.  Lets get those boats going around some marks.


The DN Eastern Championships
January 9 & 10 2016
The Eastern Region Champs are the big regional one.  Get there.


The New England Championships
January 16 & 17 2016
Follow up on your success at the Easterns with a strong showing at the NEs.  This is the big trophy (permanent).  You want your name on it!


Mid Season Cruising Rally
Early February
Bill Buchholz again will be the ring leader for what is sure to be an epic day(s) on the ice.


DN Gold Cup and European Championships
January 23-30 2016
Hosted by Austria.  For the truly addicted pack up the boat and head to Europe for an experience you will never forget.  The NEIYA will be well represented and T has already bought tickets. If you think you can make the trip reach out to T for travel tips now.


DN North American Championships
February 20-27 2016
Hosted by the Central region, this is what all the practice was for.  Test out your new found speed against the rest of the continent.


Bean Pot Regatta
When the schedule and conditions allow
Steve Madden is the force behind this classic regatta.  The Wild Card on the event schedule Steve will make the call and get us racing.


Spring Fling & Winni the Hard Way
I has been too long since we had a proper hard way attempt and Bill Buchholz is determined to make it happen this season.  Stay tuned as he will make the call as conditions allow.  For a trip down memory lane and to get a sense for this awesome event check out the reports on:


That’s all Folks.  See you soon.

Oliver Moore – Race Committee Chairman
DN 5469

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