Curtiss Museum Iceboats

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Big news from up north!! This just in from Joe Meade up in NY: Sounds like a very cool event!!

The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY is hosting local iceboats on display from August 25th through September 20th. If you are in the Finger Lakes area stop by the Curtiss museum – it is a must-see attraction.

Glenn Curtiss is considered the “Father of Aviation”. He started out building bicycles and then moved on to motorcycles in the early 20th century. He held the land speed record on a V8 motorcycle on Ormond Beach in Florida at 136 MPH for 11 years in starting in 1907. He was the first to publicly build and fly an airplane in 1908 from a field here in Hammondsport. Before that he flew planes off of the very same ice we sail on Keuka Lake. The Curtiss Museum has a huge collection of motorcycles, airplanes, and flying boats.

Pictured in with the iceboats below is the “America” flying boat which was built in the museums active restoration shop and flown from Keuka Lake in 2007.

Over 5,000 people will pass through the Museum in September and so far the display has been well received. The top two questions are – “How fast do they go?” and “Where do I go to ride one?”.

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