Hey Gang…. Looks like the one and only Meade Gougeon has emerged from the swamps of Florida to check out the Maritime Museum in St. Micheals, MD.

Meade, along with his brother Jan, has racked up a ton of miles in the DN over the years and has a pretty good collection of silver to show for it (including NA champs in ’80 and ’97). When they weren’t ripping up the DN circuit they were busy building and sailing an array of soft water craft that staggers the imagination. Monohulls, multihulls, motorboats, small craft, and maybe even aircraft- you name it.

Oh yeah, they also brought adhesive to the masses with this stuff you may have heard of called WEST System Epoxy. The glue that holds the iceboat world together- literally!

Recently Meade has gotten away from racing DN’s to battle mangroves, sharks, alligators and insects by participating in the Everglades Challenge, this crazy small boat race down at the south end of Florida. Makes a day on the ice sound like a walk in the park….

My father bumped into him recently at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michael’s, MD and they had a great time shooting the shit about all of the above- Glad to hear Meade is out and about and was able to outrun the ‘gators and visit Maryland- We all say hello!

See the photo- that’s Meade on the left in the red shirt and of course his trademark cap!

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