Where Boats Go….

Hey Folks- Saw some cool boats from back in the day at the Hinckley Shipyard in RI the other day- Thought I’d share….

Old race boats end up in a lot of places, often rotting away in the far corner of the boatyard but these are mostly still active-

First photo is Il Moro di Venezia and America3, the two America’s Cup finalists from 1992. They’ve been getting shuffled around the yard for years, not sure why as they don’t sail any more.

The next is KZ-5, New Zealand’s first 12 Meter from the 1987 America’s Cup. Still raced today- This was the first glass 12, it caused a big stir. Dennis Conner accused the Kiwis of cheating…. This was one of their two early boats, they sailed a development of this one in the trials, went undefeated except for one loss, and then Conner on Stars and Stripes handed their ass to them in the challenger final.

The blue one is Victory ’83, twelve meter from the ’80 and ’83 Cup. Beat Australia II at least once but never made the final. Still racing, very well developed and maintained.

Lastly the big red Kialoa- One of several IOR maxi yachts (yes, I said “several IOR maxi yachts”) built for Jim Kilroy during the ’60’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s. I think this is number five, big aluminum beast, I think they raced with almost thirty crew. Wild.

Hope all are enjoying the summer and thinking ice… T

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