What’s Everyone Up To?

Hey Folks-

I hope all the stuff on the site has been at least a little interesting….  We are trying to keep it fresh as the summer drags on!

There is plenty of room on this site for all kinds of content so if you have something you’d like to share with the gang email it to me at t_thieler@yahoo.com and I’ll be happy to post it. 

Thoughts, articles, build updates, photos (incriminating or otherwise) or whatever else are welcome.  As long as it is even remotely connected to iceboating all content is fair game!

I know everyone out there is up to some interesting stuff so let’s hear about it! 

As John Stanton mentioned earlier he could also use a hand with the site itself-  if you have the time, expertise, inclination (or any combination thereof) give him a shout-

Think Ice….

James “T” Thieler   DN US 5224


401 258 6230

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