Spring Training, Oliver Moore Style….

Some of you may know that our own Oliver Moore hurt his shoulder early last season and needed to go into the shop for repair-

He is still a mental case but his shoulder is coming along well thanks to a strict PT regimen of left-handed beer-lifting, sloppy firewood stacking, stretching, strength training, and last but not least ripping around Rhode Island on a giant trimaran called LENDING CLUB….

This boat is amazing- originally called GROUPAMA 3 she is about 105 ft long, 70 ft wide, weighs 18 tons, has a 120 ft non-bendy mast and a mainsail that is about 4000 sq ft. Which is roughly equal to the total area of every iceboat sail owned by every member of the NEIYA. http://trimaranproject.blogspot.com/2015/04/lending-club-sailing-newport-bermuda.html

Just prior to Oliver’s day aboard the boat and crew had crushed the Newport to Bermuda elapsed time record- 23 hours and 9 minutes, average speed 27 kts. That’s not a typo- less than a day…. Not bad!! For comparison, I did that race a few years ago on a 68 foot classic S&S in a light air year- took just shy of seven days. Bet we had a smoother ride though!

And of course we have to point out that as impressive as this boat is a rusty old Lockley Skimmer would give it a run for it’s money!

Anyway check out the photos- looks like The Kid had a fun day! Check the hair on the guy next to him in the last photo- guess we’d all look like that if we didn’t wear helmets!

Glad Oliver’s rehab is going well and looking forward to seeing him back on the ice next season-

Think Ice!!

James “T” Thieler

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