Spring Meeting Re-Cap

Hello All-

The NEIYA spring meeting was attended by a small but enthusiastic group this year! A good time was had by all, tips were shared, stories were told, chops were busted, and good food and beverages were heartily consumed.

It was good to see everyone, there were some new faces in the group as well as some returning veterans- Will be good to see all of them on the ice in the fall!

My apologies for not having more and better photos- But here are some of the gang checking out Chris Miller’s detached chocks and demolished runner from his unlucky afternoon at the Eastern Regional Champs-

In the foreground in #1 you can see Oliver Moore rehabbing his injured shoulder by lifting a special 16oz weight-
In #2 you see Jeff Kent taking a ribbing like a man- in all fairness his stuff is incredibly reliable- God only knows what the hell happened to Miller’s boat to do that much damage!
In #3 you see the whole crime scene….
In #4 Chad is demanding an answer of some sort
In #5 we see Jack Ericson in a rare moment of holding court. Note Miller’s damaged plank in the foreground awaiting repair….

Not visible- The BBQ and food, the other dozen or so people that showed up, the stack of masts we got to look at in the shop, the 23 foot-long dagger-boards under construction at the shop, and the Stones playing in the far end of the parking lot as promised. Always great to catch up with Mick, Keith and the guys.

Thanks to Jeff Kent for the venue, Steve Duhamel for helping tidy up, John Stanton and Eben Whitcomb for the door prizes, Bob Haag for the shopping trip, Mike for the food, and whoever brought the beer! And of course thanks to everyone who made the trip!

Hope everyone has a great summer and will look forward to seeing everyone at the fall meeting-

As always, Stay Tuned and Think Ice!!


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