More Photos From Eastern’s / New Englands!!

NE_from_air2Thanks to Adam Alpert for the great aerial shots. See them at full scale One, Two and Three

Hey Folks- The hits just keep coming! If you were at this event you would have seen good ice, great breeze, a big fleet, a guy in a sheet blessing the ice and doing fascinating yoga moves (yes, that was odd), great racing, and last but not least a fly-by from a rather sweet looking helicopter.

As luck would have it there was a shutterbug aboard and he snapped a few shots of our group. As even more luck would have it our own Doug Merrill knows the pilot and sent these pics our way-

I immediately told him to offer the pilot a free NEIYA membership in exchange for a winter of airborne ice recon. Still waiting to get a response but we have a feeling that the fuel budget might be a bit of a stretch for the club finances….

So have a look at these cool pics- it was an awesome day! Look closely and you can see all kinds of cool details:

Joe Meade erasing incriminating footage from his GoPro camera
Ramblin’ Roger’s blue boat melting into the ice while he keeps score
Andre Baby either recording finishes or taking notes for his next novel
Peter Van Rossem and Warren Nethercote saying “Eh?” like the sneaky Canadians they are, eh?
Commodore Thieler taking a pre-race leak in the pits and practicing his on ice dance routine
Gervais’ dog Sailor taking a pre race-dump in the parking lot
Eben Whitcomb chugging his ninth cup of coffee for the day (he was taking it easy for once)
Eric Anderson shamelessly rigging the starting draw to put himself on the favored side
Doug Merrill pointing at the helicopter and trying to act like it’s no big deal that he knows a guy who owns a helicopter
Chad Atkins jokingly threatening to scratch Jack Ericson’s immaculately painted boat
Jack Ericson seriously threatening to beat Chad Atkins senseless with a ball-peen hammer if he even thinks about it
-Various skippers tweaking and adjusting and getting into the racing mode- and giving each other the Stink-Eye and talking an alarming amount of trash
-And in the far distance, at the edge of the frame, several yards from the lake’s edge, a bent and scarred hemlock that was nailed by Vice Commodore Stanton’s runaway boat the previous day. This is a story in itself…. Stay tuned for that one!


In the meantime enjoy the pics and remember there is STILL ice way up north- the Chicki nutcases are up there scoping out Moosehead for the weekend so if you are looking for one more trip check the CIBC site and see if you can link up with them- Stanton did the other day and he had a blast!


Also remember we are looking to have an end of season get-together somewhere, sometime, no details whatsoever right now but stay tuned….

Think Ice!

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