The Thaw, Freeze and Sail…

We all knew it would happen, though this snow has been a bit discouraging.  There has been chatter of snow melting to slush all over the Northeast.  The time is near.  But don’t jump too quickly. Safety is paramount. Use caution and patience.

Paul Delnero in NH sailed Lake Wentworth today and reported into the NEIYA ice reports email group.  No doubt most of you have already read it and are thinking of putting Wentworth in your plans for the Weekend. The lake has not been thoroughly scouted yet and is not ready for the masses.

However there will be a scouting party out tomorrow morning sometime after 10.  If your around Join in and help scout.  There are risks and this is not an endorsement of conditions just passing on some info

There will be an update tomorrow evening.

Sail Safe, Sail Fast and have fun,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore





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