Euro Champ Day 4

High pressure today- The meteorological kind that is- Warm, no breeze whatsoever so I had a nice nap in my boat and some socializing until the committee pulled the plug at 1130. Good call, it only got warmer and the breeze never piped up-

Saw this cool boat in the parking lot- love the stem timber made from half a piling. Also a few guys ogling my sweet CSI sled, and that telltale sign of spring, a drain dumping melted snow into the lake…. Not a good omen!

Tomorrow is the last day- Hope we get some races in-

Also hope everyone is getting some sailing in back that way- spring is on the way so get it all in while you can!

Keep fingers crossed for a long spring season….

Stay tuned!! T

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Newport, RI. 02840

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